1. Anonymous
    24/12/2015 @ 20:03

    Since when was it ok to talk into a Chinese phone (Huawei 6P)? How do I know that my calls aren’t being recorded by the Chinese phone and sent back to Chinese hackers in China? How do I know they aren’t stealing my personal info such as passwords and credit cards? What assurances of security and privacy are there made by a Chinese manufacturer? I don’t trust any products designed by a Chinese company such as Huawei. That includes Lenovo/Motorola now.


    • me
      06/01/2016 @ 05:50

      lol, I hope you’re trolling dude, otherwise……just…wow.


  2. Davey Winder
    28/12/2015 @ 11:16

    Get serious. Although I would have to assume that you are a troll. I mean, no genuine person would spout such crap.

    Do you really ensure that no electronic device you use has any Chinese manufactured components just to be on the safe side (of your paranoia) that ‘they’ aren’t spying on you?

    How do you know your US made devices aren’t spying on you?


  3. CaptainTech
    21/01/2016 @ 15:08

    ENFORCED ENCRYPTION? That is ridiculous! Why would this be more secure for users?

    It should be optionally BUT NOT ENFORCED!


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